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To the rich franchise from 3,250 euros!

To the rich franchise from 3,250 euros!

Published in La Verdad. es , 27 - May , 2016 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

About 300 entrepreneurs are interested in FranquiShop fair for this business model, which only in the region generates 1,300 jobs

The lady does not want to give his name, around 70 years old, has worked all his life in a bank and a half spent morning pilgrimage from table to table, like going from flower to flower, asking for information "that my nephew mount a business ". She puts the parné, capital, "bitches", so look for something "affordable" and takes a handful of brochures, diptychs and triptychs in hand while looking at her the next commercial that squeeze. The experience is a plus, but this retired woman does not have anything clear. He also thought be "more supply, more franchises" in the first Fair Franchising and Entrepreneurs FranquiShop, held at the NH Amistad hotel in Murcia. Antonio Jimenez also thinks so, 31 years, another profile entrepreneur 'special mission' of your company to diversify business. Just meet with those responsible for Fraquicias Day and also plans to keep an eye on Carrefour and Eroski City Express. "It is less risky to ride a supermarket with a big brand behind not a supermarket 'Paquita' 'Jimenez analyzes. "In the long run, it saves even." Visitors to the fair, about 300 according to the organization, "come with pretty clear ideas', as revealed by the Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, Juan Hernandez. But the same Jimenez looking for a supermarket "the goose that lays golden eggs. My uncle has two (local) Dunkin Donuts and doing very well. "
Murcia means within the franchise 'a strategic enclave' housing sector, according to the latest report by the Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF), about 30 franchise chains, with more than 500 establishments that generate about 1,300 jobs and more than 85 million euros of annual turnover. These figures place the Region of Murcia "in ninth place by autonomous communities are more established franchisors central" FranquiShop sources said. Only yesterday, 55 brands gathered at the NH hotel, two of them 'made in Murcia' as Schoolgirl and Bodega La Fuente were given.
Maite Carter, mother, unemployed for ten years (since I gave birth, specifically), seeks to return to the working world at 44 years of hand a franchise. Among the 20 sectors present at the fair, Maite seduces "recycling and food." But there is also fashion and accessories; ; Specialized, such as chains and gift shops feline or canine nutrition and bookstores trade restoration, such as ice cream parlors, bakeries and cafes that provide different gastronomic specialties; and also franchises in the telecommunications sector, and business models linked to the tourism and advertising sectors Infotactile, mundoguía.com Come and N'Enjoy. Indeed, the sectors most claimed in previous appointments with companies related to health and restoration. It is even possible to mount an erotic 'online' shop for the modest initial investment of 3,250 euros plus VAT. Albeit with a payment of 150 euros per month in respect of 'royalty'. It is the 'cheap' franchise of the fair, although more than 70% of the brands present yesterday at the NH Amistad require less than 50,000 euros investment. In fact, the fair focuses an important investment spectrum below this amount: 54.5% of the ensigns locates its investment below 30,000 euros and about a third of the offers has a lower investment to 15,000 euros .
Juan Manuel, sports coach, has decided to "work for oneself better than for other" and has set his eyes "in Schoolgirl and FisioLife, bakery or physical therapy, and out lively. I have to invest 20,000 euros that I have earned and saved by the sweat of my brow. " Now it evaluate options. As a retired lady who put up the money for the business of his nephew. "Something will have to do, with 34 years and has an age."

¡A la rica franquicia desde 3.250 euros!

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