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These opportunities will awaken your entrepreneurial spirit

These opportunities will awaken your entrepreneurial spirit

Published in Franquicias emprendedores , 03 - November , 2017 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

The project in franchise of a Galactic of Real Madrid, a shop that will delight the spy that we carry inside, a revolutionary way of making ice ... Ideas collected from the last edition of the International Franchising Exhibition of Valencia.

• The Simple Rent
Digital platform for renting luxury homes and high standing for medium and long stay. This is the essence of the new project promoted by the founders of the OPAU franchise (Provincial Office of Urban Rentals), with which they take a step further in innovation within the real estate market.

The franchisees, who do not need commercial premises to develop the activity, personally visit each of the homes, make the photographic reports and help both customers and owners throughout the management. "With an operation similar to airbnb or wimdu, our platform is the central axis of a project where technology is the key to success. From here, our business model allows you to perform lease operations exclusively online, from anywhere in the world, with personalized support and assistance, thanks to our franchised agents. "

According to the franchise dossier of the brand, the approximate initial investment corresponds to an entry fee of 4,000 euros, with a royalty of 5% (a minimum of 400 euros, including access to the platform).

• Gold Ice
The new era of ice. These are presented from Gold Ice, a business of distribution of ice cube manufacturing and storage equipment for the hotel industry, whose main base is an ice-manufacturing and drying system "unique in the world", underlined from the headquarters.

But what is the innovative component of the project? "Our patented system is characterized by the use of drying equipment in the process of manufacturing ice cubes. Thus, from the first to the last cubit they maintain the same quality as the newly manufactured ones, they do not melt or stick with each other ".

Another competitive advantage of the business is the broad target audience, such as hotels, clubs, pubs, large coffee shops, service areas, catering and events, wedding halls ...

The company now has three machine models, with different production and storage capacity, from 150 kilos / day and 120 kilos warehouse, to 400 kilos / day and 400 kilos warehouse.

• The Spy Shop
A project with ample baggage in the market -more than 30 years- that drives its growth now in franchise and that would delight the Inspector Gadget (attention, millennials, we recommend you take a nostalgic look at this delicious television series).
With seven stores spread across Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Salamanca, the franchise seeks partners / franchisees in each provincial capital, with the aim of implementing an offer that includes the following business lines:

Products: hidden micro cameras, environmental recorders, telephone recorders, vehicle locators, people locators, spy programs, drug consumption test, paternity test, infidelity test, drones, robotics.

Services: radio sweeps, commercial investigations, private detectives, cyber security, mysterious clients, moles infiltration, characterizations for judgments, design and construction of panic rooms and bunkers NBC (Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical Alert), consulting.

Training: counter-espionage courses, evasive driving courses, drone pilot courses.

• The Garage VR
A new operator in the growing market of the virtual reality of the franchise. The Garage VR deploys a "new concept of the arcade hall of always, with totally different machines", they explain from the central. "The place where the whole family can enjoy the new generation of video games ... and more activities. From here, we put virtual reality technology at the user's disposal with dedicated equipment and plenty of power ".

According to the corporate dossier of the company, the approximate initial investment is 49,900 euros (not including civil works in premises at street level), amount that includes interior design project and production of corporate elements of the stand or the premises and all the equipment of the point of sale.

The center looks for premises of 30 to 150 square meters, on the street floor and shopping centers, without forgetting that it also includes the corner format.

• CR7 Crunch Fitness
Yes, those initials correspond to that player of that soccer club we all know. Founded in the United States in 1989, the brand partnered with this galactic star in 2016 to develop, as a master franchisee, the project in Spain, where the fitness market is emerging.

"With activities and facilities more typical of more expensive gyms, we offer, at an affordable price, a value that surprises our partners", they stand out from the center.

The user can sign up for group classes, "which combine exercise and entertainment for all levels of fitness", and exclusive classes "registered trademark that includes personal training and nutrition, all in small groups", to which are added Workouts designed "in a completely personalized way".

The gyms, with an average surface that exceeds 2,000 square meters, also deploys sunbeds.

By the way, the player we talked about at the beginning is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Estas oportunidades despertarán tu espíritu emprendedor

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