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The Order in franchise

The Order in franchise

Published in Mundo Franquicia , 22 - August , 2019 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

Today I am going to talk about a concept that, although it is assumed that it occurs in all companies, including those that develop their activity from the franchise model, in most of them it is not like that ... I am talking about the "Order".

We always assume that in any company or company there must be an order, some ways of doing things and in fact we prepare manuals and forms about it. But at the moment of truth each one carries "his order" and things are done as that person "has always done them". The result: in the end there is no general control or procedure just the one that everyone considers. It passes in franchise and passes in all the "orders" of life. This fact, transferred day by day gives the feeling that in the company there is an order and that things work like a clock, but the truth is very different causing, at specific times, we incur unnecessary expenses that are often taller than we might think.


Why does this occur? Well, simply because we are human and each one of us thinks that the way we carry things is logic and that we have to do it, but since none of the workers of a company is essential or infallible, there comes a time when we can be replaced by another person or we could not go to work for being on vacation or sick and that is when the company costs soar….

The person who substitutes us or the partner who has to look for a documentation does not know where to look for it.

If he is new he will look for him where he says “the manual” and if he is a partner of ours he will look for him in that place where he would keep it and by the name he would put it, in the end both would start to “dive” through our folders looking for something in a site and by a name that they will not find since there are generally no 2 people who think alike…

This leads us to lose precious time (Money) in the search. And if in the end it is found… perfect, but in most cases we do not find it in time with which we have to do it again (more Time: more money) and it is also stored where this second person considers that it should be and with the name, which for her, is the most intuitive possible… and then start again….

This happens because as we mentioned at the beginning, although manuals are made for everything, only those things that seem important to us are supervised and sanctioned, such as:
1. the amount of ingredients and the presentation of a dish in a restaurant according to the product manual.
2. The schedule of entry and exit of workers, so that effective working hours are met.
3.The costumes, form and cleaning thereof, to comply with internal regulations

But who checks that the documentation received is placed in a specific place and in a specific way?

Well, really the person who receives it, according to their criteria, but nobody else….

As a conclusion, we can say that the only way that a company does not incur unnecessary expenses (time - resources) is that everyone follows the same guidelines, without exceptions warning or sanctioning by the heads of Department or superior to those people who do not act So.


A good way to place all the documentation received in a company is to open a folder on the central server to which the entire company has access and in it will open as many folders as Departments we have.

Once a document has been received, it will be scanned by the responsible person and placed in the corresponding department. If it is a confidential document, the key assigned to each department will be added, which in turn will be known as a security measure by the IT department.

The name to be assigned to the file must always follow the same pattern, for all departments, for example: year month and day of receipt followed by the sender and the department to which it is addressed (20190823_NotariaPepito_Direccion.XXX)

In this way if tomorrow we had to look for, for example, a contract received from the client “Bar Pepe” whose owner is Juan Rodríguez, although we did not know in which folder or under what name he could be alone with going to the server and entering the Documentation folder received and put BarPepe or JuanRodriguez the search engine would automatically remove the file.

Similarly, all departments of the company should have the same folder structure and save documents in the same way, even if we changed a worker from one department to another, I would always know where things are stored and how saving us training time and getting more mobility with our employees.

This issue of information placement can be extrapolated to another series of aspects in the company, just as vital or more, such as:
1. What do we do with a call from a customer or provider when the person he is calling to is not (An email is sent, is listed, a message is sent to the mobile….)
2. How to request a disbursement from an external supplier (Purchase order by email, upon request of several quotes or only the final order, ...)
3. How a new one is approved …….
But the most important thing of all and what almost no company does, and that leads to failure, is that once all these guidelines have been developed, it is necessary to decide who or who will be responsible for compliance strictly, without exceptions, because if It is not so little by little it will go back to the beginning finding us not long in the initial position: Wasting time and money.

El Orden en franquicia

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