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The franchise, a business model that attracts

The franchise, a business model that attracts

Published in Madrid Press , 22 - December , 2017 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

Many people consider opening a business under the umbrella of a franchise. The advantages it offers are quite evident.
At the end of the last century, an era that is not as distant as it seems, since we are talking about two decades ago, setting up a franchise was something very strange. In fact, the number of businesses that could be assembled was very limited.
Today everything is different, since there are hundreds of companies that have become franchisors, once they have shown that their business model works. The sectors in which you can open a business under this model are very varied, and are not limited to the hospitality industry, as some may think. This leads many to think about opening their own store or turning it into a branch of a known brand.
Advantages offered by the franchise model:
Becoming a franchisee has a series of benefits that reduce the risks of having to close after a while. For example, the brand behind is known to potential customers, which means that there may be people who want to buy what we offer as soon as we open the doors for the first time.
Experience is another of the points in favor of the model. By having more establishments open, we know what problems may arise and how to solve them even before they arise. In addition, useful information is received about the tastes and customs of the typical consumer, being able to adapt better.
You can also count on an exclusive area where no other business will ever open. This is very interesting, because in this way the customers who want that product in particular, will come to our business to acquire it.
The franchises get better prices from the suppliers, since when buying all the establishments, the volume is much higher than what would be achieved with just one. This makes the costs much more competitive than if we had to negotiate on our own. In addition, you should not be looking for suppliers before opening, since franchisors have their own list.
Being a consolidated business, it is easier to get a bank to finance the project. The brand image is strong, and financial institutions take it as a much lower risk than we would have if we did it on our own.
These and many others are the reasons why franchises are positioned as an interesting business and more likely to achieve success.
Nobel Reader Space, the largest franchise in the world of books:

As we have already said, the hospitality industry is not the only sector in which a franchise can be opened. In fact, today it is more interesting to engage in other markets because the world of bars and restaurants is somewhat saturated. The investment in culture, through bookstores and establishments of this type, is the bet of Nobel, the most important chain in the world.
The advantages of setting up a Nobel business are enough. A consolidated model, with the support of a team that is responsible for training and guiding those who consider opening their own bookstore, even if they do not know anything about the operation of the sector. You will also receive information about events, loyalty programs for regular customers or the different types of bookshop that you can open, in order to offer something interesting for the public in your area.

La franquicia, un modelo de negocio que atrae

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