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Requirements to franchise

Requirements to franchise

Published in Mundo Franquicia , 11 - October , 2019 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

First of all it is necessary to see if the brand has the necessary requirements to be able to franchise. It is not a choice that can be taken lightly since it will mean a radical change in the life of the franchisor, it will go from managing a center to supporting a franchise network.

1.Registered brand
2.That transmit the know-how
3. Have a proven minimum experience
4. Define the business concept

The business concept that we are going to have must be perfectly defined. For this reason, limits such as the number of employees, establishment area, investment, market situation, target audience ...
2.Organize the Franchising Central

To franchise successfully, it is essential to franchise a concept that makes a difference and fits into the market where we want to implement it. In addition, we will have to define a franchise model based on the original, which depends on the franchise center. Thus, we get a relationship of total dependence between the franchisor and franchisee.
3.Define a financial model

Of course, to invest in a business in addition to the concept being very attractive, it is essential to have a business plan that reflects its viability. The decisions are based on numbers and it must be reflected that the model is profitable. When we have investors interested in the franchise, we must be very clear about the items in our plan and the different scenarios to give the future franchisee enough security.

Franchise project

It consists of three fundamental parts.

On the one hand there is the informative documentation of the business. Secondly, it is worth noting the contractual documentation, that is, those documents that will define the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. Finally, there are the franchise manuals, these are determinants for the proper functioning of the business since they are the franchisee's roadmap.


At this stage the main objective is the search and recruitment of investors. In a first phase is the search and recruitment of franchisees. Then comes the opening stage, where the new franchisee is accompanied and advised at all times. Finally, the management of the entire franchise network to which the franchisor center must support.

Requisitos para franquiciar

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