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Quality, the current challenge of the franchise

Quality, the current challenge of the franchise

Published in Navarra Capital , 10 - November , 2017 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

The author recognizes that his sector is expanding. That is why it proposes a series of practical advice so that the entrepreneur finds a really "solid and potential" proposal.
As with the economic outlook in general, the franchise system lives a very different moment than it did just a couple of years ago.
Although there is still a long way to go and many jobs to recover, GDP is at levels similar to the years before the crisis thanks, among other factors, to the behavior of the foreign sector (exports and imports) and to changes in the model productive.
This recovery extends and affects the trade and its different formulas, including the franchise where this recovery and change of cycle has been felt in a special way.
In this sense, the franchise is experiencing increases that, without reaching the percentages prior to the recession, do confirm that we are facing a sustained evolution of the system, with a number of interesting projects that bring innovation and wealth to the franchised trade, in addition to the necessary strength to stay in the medium and long term.
However, and for some time now, these concepts have shared a scenario with others that do not sufficiently address quality, resulting in franchise networks with no solid foundations and with few possibilities to maintain themselves in the medium term.
The causes of this worrying trend are several, but among them we must highlight the abundance of "franchise consultants" whose varied origins do nothing more than demonstrate a lack of experience, and what is more worrying, an all goes well that leads to the presence in the market of franchise proposals that replace the slogan that drives the franchise (the improvement of the probabilities of success of the franchisee) by another less pleasant one: the guarantee of failure.
In short, we can say that we are facing a moment of stability and growth, but also before a dangerous juncture that the franchisee should not support with a wrong choice.
Bearing in mind that being part of a franchise network is a decision that will mark the economic and even emotional health of the entrepreneur, and that will also involve defining and implementing a business plan and being willing to risk capital, In most important cases, every future franchisee should bet on projects that are paradigms of an adequate internal operation and that are based on an honest commercial management.
And for this to happen, it is not necessary to resort to a magic ball, but to be provided with an adequate formation and a truthful and detailed information, because without them, it is impossible to make a correct selection of a franchise.

Therefore, this selection is an act of responsibility on the part of the franchisee, not only for himself and his closest family circle, but also to row in favor of increasing the quality of the franchise.
Thus, after a first process of self-analysis that allows us to know and recognize our capacity - or the lack of it - to undertake and to do so, as a franchisee of a brand, we must move on to a second level of analysis, studying the different sectors among which we can choose, to finally decide for the franchise that, once all the information has been analyzed, we understand that it has enough resources to build a solid franchise with possibilities to consolidate in the market.


La calidad, el reto actual de la franquicia

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