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Multi-franchisees guide the good health of the franchise

Multi-franchisees guide the good health of the franchise

Published in Entrepreneur , 28 - September , 2018 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

The franchise model facilitates a rapid expansion of companies throughout the national and international territory. It is not surprising that it is one of the main ways chosen by companies to grow.
As an entrepreneur, those franchises that have managed to maintain sustained growth over the years are more attractive. But we should not look only at the growth of the number of units. It is also important to investigate the way in which the franchise is growing.
A reliable indicator is the multi-franchise index that the franchise has. If the people who are growing the franchised company are the same franchisees that after their experience decide to reinvest in the company, it is double guarantee.
The multi-franchisees are those who own more than one center or premises of the same franchise. That they are the ones who decide to invest in a second or third business of the same brand, means that their experience and the results obtained have been positive.
Growing through the multi-franchise benefits both parties, since in addition to facilitating the expansion of the franchise, it offers numerous advantages such as the knowledge that the franchisee already has of the brand and its environment, the experience in management or the lowest cost start-up of the business.
So from now on you know, if you want to invest in a franchise, do not just look at whether it grows, but how it grows.
At Kids & Us, 1 in 3 franchisees has more than one franchise
In Kids & Us, the innovative method of learning English, 36% of franchisees manage more than one center. That is to say, one in three has decided to reinvest in the brand, having some of them exclusive exploitation in certain areas. In fact, in the last year the number of Kids & Us centers has increased by 17% and the number of students has grown by 28% in the last two years.
Kids & Us will start the new 2018-2019 course with 435 centers in 9 countries, and highlights the company's recent landing in Japan last April. More than 120,000 families around the world entrust Kids & Us with teaching English to their children. In Mexico, the network of
Kids & Us has grown in recent years and has now reached 10 centers, with plans to open 4 more centers for the next academic year 2018-2019.

Multifranquiciatarios guía de la buena salud de la franquicia

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