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Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar

Published in Mundo Franquicia , 25 - November , 2016 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

The Café del Mar franchise is characterized by its great experience in chill-out music. His business is based on a restoration establishment, whose main characteristic is the music that sets at dusk.
It is very important that the premises have to be terraces and overlooking the sea, which are usually located on the Spanish coast. In this way a special atmosphere is recreated at sunset, being here very important the type of music that emits.
Since 1998 this franchise network has started offering chill-out music services, each year editing chill-out, far, ambient, chill house and balearic beats with its musical selection that reflects the Ibiza environment. Due to their success in 1999 registered their brand Café del Mar Music, and from that stamp the new musical editions Chill House with the distribution of New Records. It also offers CDs to listen to your music with the successes of the franchise Café del Mar.
The key to the success of this network of franchises, is the great combination of services offered, a sunset, great music and a good location overlooking the sea. In addition to the name that has the brand Café del Mar, well known internationally, and with a large musical audience. Another of the successful services offered is a radio program on the prestigious European FM network, with all the Chill-Out content available and that is broadcast on weekends between 3 and 6 am.
This allows people from all over the peninsula to listen to the music of Café del Mar, having a greater impact on the brand and thus expanding our potential customers.
It is necessary that the premises are well located and that preferably the entrepreneur of this franchise Café del Mar, has experience in the sector of the restoration.
Franchise Café del Mar is characterized by the rapid recovery of the initial investment since it is located in very busy areas, and we have many services that attract an audience to our point of sale. You will be able to maximize your investment with our specialized professionals, who will give you constant support in opening this franchise network.

Café del Mar

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