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All you need to know to hit a franchise

All you need to know to hit a franchise

Published in EXPANSION , 03 - June , 2016 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

Every day they open their doors around 70,000 franchised businesses. Operating under the name of a well known brand that provides support in the implementation and maintenance of the company is the main attraction of this system not without difficulties. Therefore, before signing the contract values ​​the strength of the brand and its reliability contrasts with others that are already part of your network.

Few can resist the temptation to open an establishment with a known brand. Hands up who has not eaten at a McDonald's or made the purchase in a day. These franchises are common on the streets of any city in the world and are two of the more than 1,200 every day open its doors in Spain. The Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) counts 1,232 and 65,810 franchised outlets operating in its latest balance of 2015. The franchise is a business relationship between two parties teach: the franchisee pays a certain amount to the franchisor-owner of the marker to be licensed starting a business using a company consolidated in the market. In addition to the initial financial outlay, the franchisee has to face some -royalties- monthly payments for overall management and advertising franchise network. In return, the franchisor grants its know-how and support for the implementation and consolidation of the business.

So far everything seems a bed of roses, but it is no lack thorns. Francisco Gomez is one of the partners of the consulting franchise Iberetail. Industry expert, says that "before the crisis everyone wanted to grow and the quality was not a criterion, deficits preparation franchisee covered them the box. Many of the entrepreneurs did not know exactly what it was the system, that some fell by the way. When all the chains that wanted to maintain their pace of opening drew on external financing and some sank "he stopped.

A couple of years of operation and two or three own establishments are the minimum conditions to be met to start a brand franchise. However, there are exceptions. Massage Temple was born 11 years ago and in 2010, the only place that has active own, decided to open its first franchise establishment; currently two more have joined the network. Marina Assir, founding partner of the brand along with Marina and Maribel Corpa explains that prefer to grow slowly and sure: "The thinking head has to imbibe the culture center". Why only Franchises employees Temple Massage. "If not, the candidate would have to work with us for a minimum of four to six months, depending on their experience. This commercial collaboration is not guaranteed to be suitable to open a center ... we have to evaluate each and decide if it really fits into our model, "says Assir.

The experience

Others have franchiser vocation since its inception, as Midas. This American car maintenance firm opened its first franchise in Spain in 1990. According explains Vicente Pascual, director of Midas expansion in the company differentiate three types of franchisees: investors who do not know the sector, but they want to invest in a business own and seek a strong brand; shop owners who want to convert and act under the umbrella of the company; and finally, an existing franchisee opens more shops. This is a person who has already worked with them, something that especially valued because it provides security. Meanwhile Javier Ramos, franchisee is taught in the Community of Madrid, highlights the importance of an entrepreneurial profile and have direct communication with the center, and at this point plays a vital role the training provided to integrate well in the chain.

Enrique del Hierro, Partner Business Franchise, consider that two days is the minimum training period, "although it depends on the teaching, whether local or required and if the product or service. In any case, the franchisee must draw on the theory and practice of business performance, and learn about the rights and obligations of both parties. "

Apart from all this, that teaches allows you to develop your skills is a guarantee for success. For example, commercial and Albert Simon is one of the first franchisees Genyoos, a search engine and online comparator professionals. "I've been a franchisee of a brand of aesthetics, but that was not my thing. On this platform my job is to attract professionals and sponsors," said Simon, Tarragona and Gerona franchisee. Ivan Fernandez, CEO and founder of Genyoos, explains the operation of the brand: "We supply the software, we deliver training center and we have a contact center from which we support the franchisee We also deal with social networks.". Investment to access this teaches ranges between 9,000 and 15,000 euros plus VAT, and the franchisee must cope with 29% of their monthly billing concept of royalty.

Who knows numbers franchise is Luis Langa, multifranquiciado -has nine stores- Folder, stationery teaches that takes eleven years in the market. Langa recommended to those who want to open a franchise establishment, talking with several franchisees "with different ages in the network and located in different cities." In addition, it advised to have a financial cushion of 25% of the investment: "It takes a circulating If you're not caught very'll face some additional investments that may require the franchise.". Simon says it is also important not trust that provides billing teaches: "It is wise to ask for what you have to pay each month to recover the investment and how long".

At this point coincides Jordi Ruiz de Villa, partner at the law firm franchises Jausas, which says that "the golden rule is to ask, ask and ask." He concludes that "the franchisee must also verify what happens when the contract ends and contact other franchisees who have renewed their agreements to know what to expect after a few years."


Todo lo que debes saber para acertar con una franquicia

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