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86% of franchises manage to survive, according to the book Franchise Code

86% of franchises manage to survive, according to the book Franchise Code

Published in La Vanguardia , 23 - February , 2018 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

Madrid, Feb 20 (EFE) .- Legal experts and professionals from the franchise sector have presented the new book Franchise Code, a work by Ediciones Pirámides in which magistrates, professors, professors and lawyers have collaborated to collect the most important legal concepts at the time of starting in the franchise, and according to which? the franchise has a survival level of 86% compared to 23% of independent stores ?.
The general director of Novit Legal, Juan Pablo Garbayo; the teacher and head of franchise training at Banco Santander, Gonzalo Burgos; and the prologue of the book itself and partner director of the cosultora mundoFranquicia, Mariano Alonso, have been the three coordinators of this work.
During the presentation of the Franchise Code, the ex-magistrate of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, ​​coauthor in the work and partner-founder of the law firm with his name, Blas A. González Navarro, has indicated that "the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor in the use of 'know-how' is one of the causes of greater litigiousness of the franchise. "
González Navarro has indicated that the biggest problems between a franchisor exchange and a franchisee come from a? Malpractice? in the conditions of the contract, such as territorial exclusivity or the use of the brand.
Also, the teacher and head of franchising of Banco Santander, Gonzalo Burgos, explained, according to a statement from Novit Legal, "that the franchise system in Spain is already consolidated, and with a turnover of more than 35,000 million euros. "
For Burgos, the high level of survival of franchises in Spain is due to their quality, which has been considered to be achieved through better training.
The managing partner of the world franchising company, Mariano Alonso, has summarized the motivations that lead an entrepreneur to grow in franchising and pointed out that "the companies that decide to franchise increase their competitiveness thus increasing their chances of supervenience".
Finally, the general director of Novit Legal, Juan Garbayo, stressed that this publication, in its legal contribution will avoid mistakes in decision making and reduce conflict in the sector.
Código Franquicia aims to enrich the criteria and decision making that entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and all agents linked to the franchise and trade in general can have important concepts when it comes to assuming their own responsibilities from both the franchisee as the franchisor

El 86% de las franquicias logran sobrevivir, según el libro Código Franquicia

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