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6 franchises that bet on the healthiest cuisine

6 franchises that bet on the healthiest cuisine

Published in Emprendedores , 19 - August , 2019 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

These brands share an innovative and differential proposal that responds to a market trend.

Today, healthy food sets the pace of a market where we can find chains of vegan restaurants, poke restaurants (dish from Hawaii) and establishments that are firmly committed to proximity consumption. And it is that today it is a trend to consume organic, organic and organic food, a current that has arrived to stay.
Let's see below some franchise restaurants where you will not have to give up flavor to get a healthy life.
Fruit Zumería
Seasonal and fresh fruit juice franchise that fits into the trend of healthy living, food care and well-being. In addition to natural juices, they have several varieties of "detox" juices and supplements to add in your juice as natural pollen, beer yeast, flax seeds, spirulina, wheat germ and others ...
Although the Frutal service focuses on the take away, the establishments of the brand "are also a cozy and pleasant place to stop," as they recall from the central.
Honest Greens
Restoration chain that has opted for healthy fast food, as stated in its manifesto, published on the company's website. In this sense, they invite the consumer to "choose real, unprocessed products, without artificial preservatives or refined sugars, in addition to the diet of your predecessors, which translates into more vegetables, grass meat, better grains and seeds."
Tasty Poke Bar
One of the brands that is driving in our country a new gastronomic trend that bears the name of poke, star dish of Hawaiian cuisine and that consists of a recipe that mixes rice, marinated fish and all kinds of complements, which is served in a bowl .
This Hawaiian food franchise is looking for a franchisee profile that "wants to get involved in the project and has the desire, enthusiasm and energy to bet on a successful business concept with great projection."
The Vegan Footprint
As competitive advantages, this vegan restoration franchise highlights the quality of its training, competitive prices, the good profitability of the business model or its exclusivity.
The Vegan Footprint seeks a franchisee profile focused on self-employment, with the ability to manage all aspects of the restaurant. In addition, you should have a clear predisposition for vegan food.
On the economic level, this teaching asks its future associates to finance at least 40% of the total investment with their own resources. To help pay for the rest, the plant has an agreement with Cajamar.
As competitive advantages, the Tomillo plant highlights the concept of Quick-Service Restaurant, the combination of the associate's personal and professional life, the originality of the product or its profitability, as well as a "simple and well organized" operation.
At this time, the company is looking for a franchisee profile focused on both self-employment and investment, as long as there is "inclination towards restoration," they explain. To become part of Tomillo's portfolio of associates, it is necessary to contribute at least 40% of the disbursement with own resources. To finance the rest, the brand has agreements with Sabadell and BBVA.
Bump Green
Bump Green is defined as "a place to enjoy the inner emotional movement, where to know the slow food, taste the nearby cuisine, the recognized crop, the respectful practices. The memory of the food that brings back memories of other times, elaborated by artisan hands and reinvented by chefs who have seen in them the uniqueness of tradition, proximity and commitment. A place decorated with charm to create a metaphor, where to taste the kitchen with soul: healthy, sustainable and very, very tasty. "
Its main competitive advantages are its "high quality products, innovative and exclusive decoration, quality assurance process applied to food, products and services, experience of the management team in the sector and finally, our chefs, since they are the creators of the extensive Bump Green letter ".

6 franquicias que apuestan por la gastronomía más saludable

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