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5 culinary trends in franchise to the last

5 culinary trends in franchise to the last

Published in Emprendedores , 03 - September , 2018 abogados franquicias Overview franchises

Si un sector destaca por la constante búsqueda de nuevas tendencias, éste es el de restauración. Cada temporada, los emprendedores aspiran a dar con la clave para ser los siguientes líderes de nuevas corrientes tanto gastronómicas como de modelos de negocio. Ejemplos de esta realidad son algunas de las enseñas que disponemos en nuestra guía online de franquicias.

  1. Llooly

Bubble waffle (una variante del gofre clásico en forma de burbujas) y stick waffle (en forma de piruleta), productos que se pueden combinar con diversos toppings y complementos. Estos productos son los protagonistas de una de las novísimas tendencias en el mercado de la hostelería, que ahora recoge Llooly en sus locales.

La enseña, que ha empezado a expandirse este año bajo el modelo de franquicias, también dispone de más variedad de postres para disfrutar. Otro de los protagonistas de la carta es el ice roll (helado a la plancha), a lo que suman helados clásicos, refrescos, café, paninis… “Una ventaja competitiva es que el asociado puede enfocar el negocio en aquellos productos que mejor se adapten a su mercado y público”, destaca Pau Ferrer, CEO y fundador de una marca impulsada por una sociedad con más de 20 años de experiencia tanto en la gestión de franquicias como en el sector de la hostelería.

Otros factores diferenciales son que se adapta fácilmente a cualquier ubicación y su gestión es sencilla, con espacios que no precisan salida de humos ni cocina. En este sentido, la central plantea tres formatos de negocio: Isla/Kiosco (a partir de 3x2 metros y desde 19.900 euros), Take Away (un mínimo de 10 metros cuadrados y desde 23.000 euros + obra civil) y Store (desde 40 metros cuadrados, con zona degustación incluida, y una inversión a partir de 25 metros cuadrados”.

2. Tasty Poke Bar
In just one year, the franchise chain has become a must in Madrid to enjoy an original culinary experience, specializing in Hawaiian food and poke, its star recipe.
Due to "rapid growth", the chain considers that they are prepared to "take a step further", which has led them to start their expansion plan under the franchise model. From the center they state that "they have several competitive advantages that will help this goal", among which are: an innovative concept of success, very powerful brand image, high product quality, support in training and initial opening and rapid return of the investment.
3. Poncelet Cheese Tavern
In 2004, a place for great cheese lovers was opened in Madrid, which was born with the passion and vocation to promote the great Spanish tradition in cheese making and to become a showcase for the Spanish cheese industry, as they have told us from he teaches it
Another milestone in the company's recent history came in 2010, with the inauguration of the Poncelet Cheese Bar in Madrid, "a unique concept on a global scale, which has not only made it possible to take a big step in the popularization of artisan cheeses, but it has also contributed to Poncelet a level of extraordinary global notoriety ", they underline. "Poncelet Cheese Bar is a restaurant with artisan cheeses where you can taste a letter designed around the figure of cheese".
At the beginning of this year 2017, the chain launched the Poncelet Cheese Tavern model "as the definitive vehicle for popularizing our concept". It is a format "that promotes the attractiveness of artisanal cheese with the commercial power of the 'tavern' model, making informal consumption the way to grow the business".
4. Oysters Pedrin
"Ostras Pedrín is the reinterpretation of the classic bar in a sybarite key, where the differential element is the oysters, coming from own farms in Spain and France", they begin by explaining from the central. "This allows controlling the entire process, from production to sale, with the consequent improvement in procedures and margins."
The firm, which has just landed in the franchise market, is looking for a franchisee with a manager profile and who "identifies with the bohemian philosophy of the concept".
At the economic level, the plant does not set a minimum percentage of own resources to start the project. "We analyze each application and establish the appropriate levels to maximize the probability of success of the franchise in each location." Regarding the pay-back, it is placed in two exercises.
5. Bump Green
The chain is defined as "a place to enjoy the emotional inner movement, to meet the slow food, try the nearby kitchen, the renowned culture, friendly practices. The memory of the foods that bring back memories of other times, made by skilled craftsmen and reinvented by chefs who have been able to see in them the uniqueness of tradition, proximity and commitment a charming place decorated to create a metaphor for where to try cooking with soul. healthy, sustainable and very, very tasty. "
Its main competitive advantages are its "high quality of the products, novel and exclusive decoration, process of quality assurance applied to food, products and services, experience of the management team in the sector and finally, our chefs, since they are the creators of Bump Green's extensive letter. "

5 tendencias gastronómicas en franquicia a la última

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