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Young people like to take franchised

Young people like to take franchised

Published in Territorio PYME , 29 - June , 2016 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

Low cost franchises focus on sectors related to real estate, stationery, consulting firms and aesthetics.
One of the consequences of the crisis has been the increase of the business model that embody franchises, young entrepreneur profile being among the most wins. This is what emerges from an analysis by the topfranquicias.es portal.
Specifically, this document reveals that the average age of those interested in the franchise model currently comprised of 18 to 24 years. Similarly, most are male, 54.1% versus 45.8% of women remaining. According to their origin, they include franchisors of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Malaga. Madrid stands out in this regard, with 20% of all concerned.
From Topfranquicias.es they argue that this business model has become a viable option for self-employment, especially for the unemployed or people actively seeking work who wish to undertake in this sector. In fact, this profile is prevalent among those interested in this business line, facing investors, who represent a smaller percentage.
main sectors
Similarly, total low cost franchises, those that require unainversión less than 60,000 euros in Spain reached the figure of 236, one of the options chosen by entrepreneurs. The sectors that are present in these types of shows are real estate, stationery, consulting firms and aesthetics.
Nevertheless, according to the data from this report, in the first three months of the year the sectors of interest remain the hospitality and catering; Beauty, food, travel agencies, mobile and telecommunications.
Finally, as to how to search for information on franchising, Internet has become the main route for the first contact with the company. Society evolves alongside technological advances: 40.9% of inquiries are made via mobile phone.

A los jóvenes les gusta emprender en franquicia

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