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What is the profile of Spanish that you undertake with franchise?

What is the profile of Spanish that you undertake with franchise?

Published in 20 Minutos , 08 - September , 2017 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

How is the profile of the Spanish that to undertake decides to trust in a franchise? The majority of Spanish investors investing in franchises are men (59%) and are between the ages of 30 and 45, decreasing considerably from 50, according to the report prepared by Franchise Advisor.

There are differences between men and women on the motivations for franchising. They decide on the franchise because they perceive greater probabilities of staying in the time, whereas they are based, almost for the most part, in terms of profitability. In the vast majority of cases, the franchise entrepreneur profile has a university degree, but most of them, for the first time, undertake 64.1%.

With respect to the age group of less than 25 years, it is possible to interpret "a great opportunity to approach the franchise to the young people who join the labor market, considering that the youth unemployment rate is 40.5% in Spain , the second highest in the EU. Which invites us to bet on a didactic work in this sense, "explains the executive director of the consulting franchise consultant, Gonzalo Juliani.

The majority of respondents (55%) prefer to undertake alone and reject the idea of ​​associating, unless they need support in the management of the business due to lack of time. "It is striking that 15% declare having been associated in a business to help a friend or family," he adds.

50.5% of potential franchisees seek a formula for self-employment in the franchise, and catering is still the most attractive sector for future franchisees, although it shortens distances from previous analyzes with the services sector. The average time between starting to look for the franchise and the intention to start the activity is three months.

To the question of how they look for their business, internet search engines are the most used to search for a franchise with more than 90%, followed by specialized portals, blogs and expert articles and sector reports. "It is striking that there is little role for franchise fairs in our studio, although it may be because people do not wait for fairs to find their franchise," says Juliani.

¿Cómo es el perfil del español que emprende con franquicia?

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