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The Spanish franchise increases its presence in the world

The Spanish franchise increases its presence in the world

Published in TERRITORIO PYME , 03 - June , 2016 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

The flags of Spanish franchises continue to increase their presence in the international arena. It is the main conclusion from the annual report "The Spanish Franchise in the World" prepared by the Spanish Association of Franchisers. In this sense, the document says that currently are 302 national franchises that are scattered throughout the five continents, which is six more than in 2015 networks and an increase of 2.03%.
Also, the Spanish franchises are implemented in a total of 137 countries, whereas in 2015 operating in 132. This figure stands at five the number of franchises last year, equivalent to a growth of 3.78%.
Likewise, it has also been a growth in the number of open by the Spanish networks abroad establishments, since the report of 2015 amounted to 19,874 and in the current 2016 that figure has risen to 20,891. That is, there are more than 1,017 local, which means an increase of 5.12%.
• Fashion stands
The report referred to the sectors that champion the presence of Spanish franchises abroad. In this sense, fashion continues to lead this international expansion, with a total of 75 networks, totaling 9,428 stores in 121 markets.
Then follows the activity dedicated to hotels and restaurants, with 49 ensigns, implemented in 75 markets and a total of 1,374 establishments. Third sector Beauty is a total of 35 franchises, which are present in 49 countries with 1,442 stores.
The study also provides the data for those countries that have greater presence of Spanish franchises. Again, Portugal continues to stand out compared to other markets. Specifically, there are 186 national networks implemented in the neighboring country, which accounts for 61.5% of our total teach abroad. This is followed by Mexico, with 89 networks; Andorra, with 86; France, with 74 and Italy with 59 teach.

La franquicia española aumenta su presencia en el mundo

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