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The franchise has established itself as shelter Venezuelans in Spain

The franchise has established itself as shelter Venezuelans in Spain

Published in El Economista , 15 - July , 2016 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

The decline of the economic and social situation in Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro has pushed many of his compatriots to leave the country and try their luck elsewhere. Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, United States and Spain are among the main recipients of Venezuelan immigrants.
Migrants who in many cases have academic training and almost always European passport -are descendants of those who had to leave Europe as a result of warlike conflict. Two factors play in their favor when looking for work and to see the franchise a real alternative in which cement their new life.
So much so, says Santiago Barbadillo, president of consultancy Barbadillo y Asociados, Venezuelans are the foreign community that more nominations sent to the Spanish chains Franchises in our country. "In recent months, 20% of candidates for franchisees that have closed operations were Venezuelans," he says.
Although sectors by betting are different, the main ones are the hospitality, aesthetics, fashion and stationery. That is, they have Spanish chains that have internationalized in Latin America and achieved a good reputation.
"In Latin America, the Spanish franchise much interest, not only for its cultural and linguistic proximity, but for its variety of offer, being a proven system, thereby minimizing your risk, and have a model that allows the franchisee to undertake a business without being alone and with help, "said Barbadillo.
In this sense, Edward Abbey, director of the Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) director clarifies that "the most important that the system offers national franchises Venezuelans is confidence and security aspects, unfortunately, now have in your country. it is a model of mature and consolidated "business.
A model that often have access to cash. "Many of Venezuelans who come to Spain have considerable purchasing power, although his difficulty is to change the bolivar to the dollar or euro at an attractive price, due to the depreciation of its currency". Hence there even Venezuelans who, fearing this situation, have for some time and funds accounts outside their country or come to us with what they could bring. "The average of Venezuelans who come to Spain with a capacity of between 80,000 and 100,000 euros," said Barbadillo. Figures that open the door to many of the franchises operating in our country.

Areas of greatest reception
The profile of the Venezuelan reaching Spain is someone who belongs to an upper-middle class, university--usually received training, usually between 30 and 50 years old and comes with your partner or family. Also, it tends to settle in places like family originating from his Galicia, Asturias and Castilla and Leon, where they are culturally closer to their place of birth, such as the Canary Islands and major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.
The last three destinations are the highlights precisely Carlos Avila, chief Subway Expansion in Catalonia, when identifying where you are most Venezuelans franchisees of this multinational. A firm in which, as explained Avila, the third of its franchisees in Spain are Venezuelans.
On the other hand, Subway has more than 100 restaurants operating in Venezuela for Venezuelans know it and see it as an option for their future careers when they reach Spain.
Although according Avila Venezuelan arrivals to Spain have been very consistent in the last seven years as there have been more social difficulties in the country, there has been a surge in affluence.
A reality that brands have also noticed other sectors such as stationery. An example is Carlos Garcia Garcia, multifranquiciado Carlin -has three franchises signature on the Paseo de las Delicias Madrid, near the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, also in the capital and in the Madrid municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón.

For this Spanish by birth but raised in Venezuela is someone with more than 50 years without work, he returned to Spain with the idea of ​​starting a business. "In Latin America people know much franchise for US influence. When we started to look for a teaching in which enter committed to Carlin, because we thought the investment was reasonable 100 000 euros, because we saw that the franchise we he helped choose where to put the local, to negotiate the rental price ultimately not be alone and start a business without starting from scratch, because from the first day we visited commercial brand ". According to Garcia, the firm has other franchisees across Spain, as in Valladolid or Madrid.
It is also in the capital where we found other Venezuelan franchisees in other sectors, such as Neptalí Vera Ruiz and Françoise Camous, in front of a hotel chain No + Vello aesthetics.
The forecast is that increasingly recurring cases of this type, like the previous ones. "More and more Venezuelans will take the decision to leave their country and come to Spain, where the franchise is structured as an ideal model to start a new business career" says Abbey.

La franquicia se consolida como refugio de venezolanos en España

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