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The franchise business grows driven by the real estate sector

The franchise business grows driven by the real estate sector

Published in Cinco Días , 03 - August , 2018 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

Expert consultants warn that the franchise model is already growing at a faster rate than its own stores.
The franchise sector does not stop growing in Spain. This business system is acting as an engine of the Spanish economy, especially in sectors such as real estate. The turnover and the creation of jobs have grown again, according to the latest indicators. Much of the fault lies with the real estate sector, whose figures for 2017 point to a consolidation in turnover for the fourth consecutive year, exceeding 300 million euros.
In this sector there are about 2,000 franchisees already in Spain, with 60 stores operating and employing about 5,000 people. Examples of this growth are Oi Realtor, which started in 2016 to position itself in the luxury market, already has nine branches and plans to finish 2018 close to 20. It has just signed a multi-franchise for the Canary Islands. Other examples of growth can be found in Remax, DonPiso, Realtaria.es or Remas, all of them in expansion.
Good time to undertake
"We are at a key moment, where new real estate signs are constantly appearing. The franchises on the other hand grow at a higher rate than the establishments themselves. Therefore, we consider a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to decide to start in this business model, "says the Managing Partner of T4 Franquicias José Aragonés.
"The opportunity to invest in a model that already has proven its trajectory is a faster way to get rid of the uncertainty that will happen with a new company. You can franchise your business and expand it to full capacity across the peninsula, or you can simply invest in a franchise that can show you how your successful business model works, "says T4 Franchises.
"Invest in the real estate sector is a safe bet at this time, is a sector that is on the rise since recent years and the forecast for this 2018 is very positive, during the last year grew by 3% the number of brands in the sector "They assert.

Los negocios en franquicia crecen impulsados por el sector inmobiliario

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