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The franchise, bet on a safe model

The franchise, bet on a safe model

Published in El Español , 23 - June , 2017 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

Naturhouse has become a consolidated franchise with great capacity for internationalization, as well as being a great generator of self-employment.

There are still embers of the mantra inviting to undertake in the hard years of the crisis. Due to the low job creation, generating oneself a job was a viable exit. The funny thing is that, for example, the emphasis was not placed on the franchised model. A system, also of entrepreneurship, which is a great alternative when it comes to owning a business, since the business has an already consolidated support of a multinational company, which greatly facilitates the management.

Franchising systems give entrepreneurs a series of facilities that they will never have independently. It is not a canvas that protects from any fall, that never exists in the business world, but offers a series of guarantees to be backed by a brand recognized in the market. An example is Naturhouse, which 25 years after opening its first family shop in Vitoria, has become a worldwide model to improve the lives of citizens, helping them to take care of their health and trying to reeducate their eating habits.
Another important aspect that blows in favor is to know the financial health of the franchise almost in advance. Even without having all the data, and discounting that each business is unique, before taking the big step you can know how the operation will be. Who have been successful, what was their location, what mistakes were made, why they failed to face the competition ... For all that also helps the history of the franchise itself. Naturhouse was born from a family environment that, a quarter of a century later, has led to 32 countries and even listed on the Stock Exchange.
When someone decides to take the step of setting up a business, much of the investment effort and human capital is spent on marketing and advertising. After all, for someone to access your services and products you must know it. This, again, is something that the franchised model serves on a platter.
Franchising does not have that problem to generate brand image and customers. When they have gained enough weight, their brand is fully recognized within the market. In addition, the guidelines on how to sell the product are marked from the matrix, who will always monitor and guide the entrepreneur. Therefore, established guidelines should be followed and everything will be on wheels.
Under that slogan, Naturhouse has been chosen, for the ninth consecutive year, as one of the 100 best franchises in the world according to the 'Top 100 Global Franchises'. The head of the company, Felix Revuelta, sees it as "an acknowledgment of our work, and the capacity for continued growth of a business model that remains a benchmark in the market in which it operates."
If the franchised model is successful it is due to the self-demand of the sector. And this is something that the entrepreneur must keep in mind. For example, any franchise must guarantee the person who assembles the business a technical assistance on the product and services, as well as initial training. Also, the support throughout the project must be continuous, both in the supply of goods, as well as in the formation and implementation of novelties.
The final result has a positive balance. Naturhouse in 2016 accelerated its expansion process with the opening of 156 centers, a new historical record. The key to reaching these figures was the intense work of dissemination and growth that the company has been developing since its inception.
In addition, it is clear that the interest aroused by your brand and the attractiveness of its franchises also reinforce the development of a business with a group of professionals that ensures that everything develops perfectly in its franchise model.
Then come the successes, reflected in the internationalization of the model. Thus, Naturhouse is, at the moment, opening new establishments in the United States and United Kingdom. Among other things, it shows that it can reach these markets by the ability to adapt to different economic environments, with customers who have different needs. In fact, as the president of the company emphasizes, "with these openings we consolidate our progress in the United States and England, countries that in the medium-long term should be one of our main markets." There are also other successes as in Poland or France that mark the trend of this franchise. And, logically, that derives from the aforementioned recognition.

Situation, of course, that helps to implement self-employment, being the women who, in this case, bet decisively for this product and services offered by Naturhouse, which continues to promote healthy living habits and the important mission of food re-education In the 2,300 centers that the company has in the world, 596 of which are in Spain.

La franquicia, apuesta por un modelo seguro

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