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In this franchise, the central takes care of everything

In this franchise, the central takes care of everything

Published in Emprendedores , 02 - October , 2020 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

Pioneers in franchising the rental of storage rooms, I need a storage room seeks to consolidate its leadership through a profitable model, with a scalable investment and where the franchisee hardly has to dedicate time to the activity. With the first storage room that he rented, about seven years ago, Iván Maldonado earned 40 euros. Today, that modest beginning has become the leading company in the sector, with a network of 65 franchised centers that generate a total turnover of around two million euros. But beyond the figures, I need a Storage room has proven to be a profitable business model, with a very simple management, ideal to combine with other projects and solid even in the most complex scenarios. “As of today we have already doubled the numbers of the previous year, a 2019 that was already a great year, with 25 openings. At the same time, we have greatly expanded the staff of the plant, we have greatly improved our daily management program –one of the pillars of the company–, our website, customer service… ”. Maldonado, CEO and Head of Expansion at I Need a Storage Room, now delves into the keys to success of a brand that seeks to promote expansion and thus consolidate its leadership, always on the basis of firm pillars and increasingly supported by the technology.

Profitable and scalable investment.
"Without a doubt, the fact of not having personnel, something that triggers expenses in any company." For Maldonado, this is the main competitive advantage of the concept, which in the current scenario has acquired a special value. “Fixed expenses are minimal for any of our franchises, since we bear the entire workload from the headquarters. This has made us continue to grow month by month, even in the middle of the pandemic, and we have been breaking billing records for several months ”. Their differential factors do not end here. “I would also highlight that we are one of the few companies where a scalable investment can be made, which provides great peace of mind to the entrepreneur in these times. If 200 storage rooms enter a local, for example, we can start with 100 at the beginning, so that the initial investment is lower and we are growing safely ”. I need a storage room. They are looking for premises or industrial buildings of more than 250 square meters, in towns with a minimum of 30,000 inhabitants. “We give value and profitability to many stores that currently have little commercial outlet. While the majority of businesses need to be on main streets, we can enter secondary, tertiary streets or industrial estates, as it does not require a large number of people to be effective. And the truth is that premises of this type have, in many cases, been closed for several years, at a cost to their owners ”.
Pioneers and leaders in their sector.
Maldonado continues the story, emphasizing that it was the first company in the sector in Spain to bet on growth through franchises. "And we did it when nobody believed in us," he adds. “Today we have 65 storage room franchises spread throughout the peninsula and islands. So that people understand the value of this figure, I would underline that in this segment only two brands have more than 10 centers ”. As part of his proposal, I need a Trastero has automated most services through a management program, where access to the center, the signing of contracts or bank remittances are integrated. “We support most of the daily work from the head office, from customer and telephone service, to marketing and advertising, through the management of collections and defaults and the IT and web program, to which we add the search for customers from large accounts, among other management areas. We have the best possible human team, highly specialized and working for each of the members of the network ”. From here, the franchisee has a minimum dedication to the business, being able to combine it with other activities without any problem. "The greatest asset we can offer you is your time, which will hardly be invested in the company."
A rising market.
On a more general level, Maldonado is convinced that, despite the economic situation we are going to find ourselves with, the sector will continue to grow in the coming years. “During the quarantine many individuals have realized the importance of having a free space at home, be it the terrace, a room or the patio. We have many things that we do not use on a day-to-day basis and taking them to a storage room will make us gain space at home. Small and medium-sized freelancers of all trades, meanwhile, they can have a storage room where they can store their tools and work stock, something much cheaper than the cost of a fixed premises, where they are almost not in the day to day. On the other hand, and unfortunately, many shops and businesses will close to the public, but will continue to sell through the internet or various channels, so that a storage room will be very useful ”.
A franchise with positive dynamics.
Driven by this scenario, I need a Storage room is confident of closing the year with 70 delegations underway, thereby maintaining its progression. “We have 7 new franchises in 2020, 4 of them recently signed, and we are close to 3 more openings. Also, throughout this year, 10 of our centers have expanded their capacity and we hope to do so in another 3, at least, before December ”. And for 2021, "it will depend a lot on whether there are new confinements and how the pandemic evolves", but Maldonado believes that, in the worst case scenario, they will be able to sign at least 10 new franchises, one more step in their consolidation as leaders.


En esta franquicia la central se encarga de todo

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