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Office of the year in Spain in Right of Distribution and Franchising

Eroski, award for the best trade franchise in Spain

Eroski, award for the best trade franchise in Spain

Published in Navarra Capital , 27 - October , 2017 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

This is the second time, in the last four editions, in which Eroski is recognized as the best Trade franchise in Spain.
The distribution company has received, within the framework of the 28th edition of the International Franchise Show (SIF) held in Valencia, the National Franchise Award in the Retail / Commerce category. Awarded by the Spanish Association of Franchisors (AEF), the award recognizes the merit of Eroski for "having known how to adapt the business model to the demands of the new market by sharing it with entrepreneurs."
The objective of these awards of international prestige is to put in value and recognize the work of the main actors that operate in this modality of business.
Eroski's franchise director, Enrique Martínez, expressed his satisfaction "for receiving this award, which represents a recognition of the work of each day to achieve the satisfaction of our franchisees. We are making a strong commitment to share our business model with entrepreneurs and our goal is to continue to improve the quality of services, advice and support we give our franchisees. He also recalled that "Eroski is a cooperative of workers and consumers, therefore a different company, involved with local economic development in the regions where we are established."
Eroski offers a highly competitive and profitable franchise model, which stands out for generating activity through a high relationship with the customer and in which the merchant is direct manager of his own business, backed by professionals with extensive experience in the sector of distribution and a trustworthy brand that supports them: "More than 200 entrepreneurs and investors have trusted us in the last three years and today they have a successful business in a basic sector such as food. We work to achieve the economic success of each of our franchises and thus make our franchisees own a successful business, solid and future, "said the director of Franchises. He also recalled that "no one could create a franchise like Eroski, we are different and we feel our franchisees, without being part of the company, as members of the same."

After several years of R + D + i development, Eroski has defined the 'contigo' business model, based on the opinions received from more than 2,200 clients who transferred their contributions, assessments and suggestions through different channels of listening with which account. This has provided the basis for defining a new concept of modern and attractive purchase, based on the values ​​that guide consumer behavior today. An innovative response to a consumer transformed by a long crisis. A consumer who revalues ​​local products and appreciates diversity and freedom of choice.
The most recent innovation in commercial franchise formats is the Rapid, a self-service convenience, with a wide business hours, 15 hours each day (8 to 23 hours), 365 days a year and in its approximately 150 m2 offers the largest commercial offer per square meter with 3,600 references covering around 800 consumer needs.

Eroski, premio a la mejor franquicia de comercio de España

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