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Create a national franchise from Cadiz food delivery

Create a national franchise from Cadiz food delivery

Published in Diario de Cádiz , 06 - May , 2016 abogados franquicias Franchises of Spain

'Melocomoencasa' joins a wine tourism initiative, both devised by businessman Eduardo Easter

Cadiz Easter businessman Eduardo has created one of the few firms originating in the province that have franchisees matrix with national coverage. The franchise in question is called Melocomoencasa and is a system of outsourcing home food delivery for small catering establishments. The initiative has been extremely successful and already after a few weeks of life, with franchisees in Valladolid, Pamplona, ​​Vitoria and Palma, in addition to signing an agreement as one of the official distributors of the powerful company Red Refrigerator, national leader in shipments of food at home.

The idea came as Easter, it noted that "every time we spend more time at home. It was the pizzerias first they created their own delivery services and were followed by Chinese food restaurants. But now do almost all establishments, but often not worth counting them with own deliverers, but certainly the food at home can raise revenues. "

The entrepreneurial idea of ​​Passover, which in a very short time already has 60 applications and currently works with fifteen establishments Cádiz, is to take over the dealers, using their own bikes with emblem. "Is outsourcing an increasingly extended service. Many establishments can add to their clientele customers from home in an effective way and not too burdensome. Having dispatchers assumed the additional cost to pay, in addition to wages, Social Security and insurance for a few shipments. it does not pay. we take care of all that. we are committed to meet delivery schedules and, if not, do not charge, "says the entrepreneur, who has already put other novel formulas the market.

In its day it launched a mobile application called enVinando, which allowed access to 45,000 Spanish wines from all denominations and 500 wineries. That market suffered a saturation too much information. Now Passover goes a step further and launches into a side project. It consists of a web of wine. That is, a base on which it is possible to hire anywhere in Spain an excursion to more than two hundred wineries devoted to visits and tourism related to wine, which is experiencing tremendous momentum in recent years. It would be like a specialized tour operator exclusively in wine.

Crean desde Cádiz una franquicia nacional de comida a domicilio

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