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Peruvian cuisine wants to invest in the region

Peruvian cuisine wants to invest in the region

Published in s21 , 21 - September , 2015 abogados franquicias Franchises from abroad

Peruvian food franchises out to conquer the world at the point of taste and quality, offering instead an enviable profitability, as demonstrated in Panama two of its leading exponents.

Payback in a year and a half, monthly sales of one million dollars, more than a thousand customers a day, are some of the attractions that offer franchises like Pier 41 or struggle, which have crossed borders and reached the VI Franchise Expo held in Panama in search of new markets.

In total seven Peruvian companies participated in the exhibition, which involved twelve countries of America and Europe, led by the coordinator of Export Services State Prom Peru, David Edery.

Baskets, grilled chicken; Nitos only ceviches; Pier 41, ceviches, seafood; The Escondite del Gordo, seafood; Fight, Creole Sangucheria; Aguaclara, swimwear, and Montalvo Spa, beauty, are the seven concepts that led Peru to leverage that has \"free trade,\" said Edery.

The expert said that \"the gateway to the Central Peruvian franchises is Panama,\" and added that in the region \"no problem\" for raw materials for the delicious Peruvian food.

Nite and Pier 41 have transcended borders to markets like USA, Ecuador and Chile, said Edery, while one of the founders of La Lucha, Cesar Taboada said just accomplished franchises in Bogota, Colombia, with a group It is preparing to open four branches.

Edery said that in Panama are installed \"successfully\" the Tanta, Witches and Segundo Muelle Cachiche franchises, along with 42 other Peruvian restaurants founded by immigrants.

Gastronomía peruana quiere invertir en la región

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