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Office of the year in Spain in Right of Distribution and Franchising

The 21st edition of the exhibition is coming Franchise Argentina

The 21st edition of the exhibition is coming Franchise Argentina

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The XXI International Exhibition of Franchising, Licensing, Business and Entrepreneurship, which will be held again in La Rural on 26, 27 and 28 August, comes with many new features: the incorporation of a specific sector for licenses (and a prize Best License), rounds of international business and training courses.
The beginning of the 2015 edition of Franchising Argentina approaches the XXI International Exhibition of Franchising, Licensing, and Business Enterprise, which will be held on 26, 27 and August 28 at La Rural, jointly organized by the Argentina Association Trademarks and Franchises (AMPA), HS Events and La Rural, Buenos Aires Fairgrounds.

20 Thanks to the success of previous editions as last year, which involved almost 100 exhibitors and around 6,000 visitors attended the most important event of the Argentina Association of Trademarks and Franchises (AMPA) continues to grow in order to promote interested public access to meet the investment options offered by this industry. Argentina Franchising offers its exhibitors and visitors join the world of franchising, a business proven and safe.

This year adds important new features. One is the incorporation of the Licensing Sector: a space for companies that sell licenses for use of its brands, characters or any other element that has intellectual property rights. In this space, companies that develop this business model will find an appropriate place to be disclosed to investors and companies with lots of outlets; allied ideal for operating licenses. The 2nd edition of the SUDLICENSING Awards recognizing the best products and characters from 2015 will also be held.

Besides the courses and training sessions, as every year, take place in the framework of the exhibition, based on an agreement with PROARGENTINA (Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of the Nation) are incorporated this year International Business Rounds between Argentine businessmen of exhibitors and attendees importers from abroad, to promote the export of domestic products and services of the franchise sector.

This show is better every day, prettier and bigger. It is a pleasure to see as we continue to grow. And we feel very supported by various private and public agencies that help us to further develop this industry; showing that the merger between the two types of institutions is very fruitful. This we generate is a meeting place for investment and entrepreneurship, which are building a tremendous economic and social fabric made up of small and medium enterprises, which generate 90% of private employment in the country, said Mr. Gabo Nazar, president of the Argentina Association of brands and franchises and the Cardon Group.

Some industry data franchising:
• 96% of franchisors states that would expand through this route.
• 87% of franchisees are optimistic and this year plans to expand geographically.
• 649 companies offer franchises in Argentina.
• There is a total 27,500 locations across the country.
• The franchising channeled 22% of retail sales.
• Franchises are a source of wealth and employment, promoting national development. Representing 2.34% of the national GDP.
• The system employs more than 200,000 people.
• There are 156 trademarks owned franchises abroad.

Additional Information:
• Development Location: La Rural, Buenos Aires Fairgrounds, Ochre Pavilion Entrance Plaza Italia (Av Sarmiento 2704 Buenos Aires.).
• The site chosen for the development of Argentina´s 2015 Franchise easily accessible, safe and ample parking.
• Hours: Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday August 28, 2015, from 14 to 20:30.
• Reporting and Pre online accreditation (visitors): www.franquiciasynegocio.com.ar
• Email: franquicias@hseventos.com.ar

Ya llega la 21° Edición de la exposición Argentina Franquicias

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